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Foto:Kari Hope

Welcome to Valhall Siberian Husky  kennel’s website!

The kennel was founded in 1996, when we bought our first SH. Two years later, in 1998, we had our first litter. There were 5 puppies in that litter, and we decided to keep 4 of them. In 2001 we decided to buy another puppy, and now there were suddenly 6 dogs in the team.

From that stage, the amount of dogs escalated quickly. In total we have been having 7 litters, and we have also imported dogs from Norway and Sweden.

Today the kennel counts 13 dogs. The perfect amount for us is about 12-16 dogs. The reason for that is to be able to go on long trips in the beatiful mountains that surrounds us. We are training in Norway and Sweden, and one of the most anticipated places is Storlien.

Apart from that, competition in different races is also a part of our kennel. Every year, we are competing in 2-3 races. This makes it even funnier to train our dogs, and we really like the opportunity to join different races.

That was the basic info about our kennel. If you want to know more about the dogs and our work, feel free to leave a comment or contact me on e-mail.